Monday, February 27, 2012

5 tier wedding cake for Shreaya & Pritesh

 First of all, big congratulations to Shreaya and Pritesh, who got married this weekend. And, thanks for inviting us to such a lovely wedding. The bride and groom looked amazing and so happy:)

For their wedding, I took the biggest job ever in the World of Sweets kitchen... yes, I was in charge of making their weeding cake. Designing the cake, deciding the flavour, baking, assembling and decorating... the whole project was, I must say, one of the most exciting things I've ever done in our kitchen...

When I make a cake for special occasions, I'd like to consider all the elements about the event and put that into the cake so that it's not just "a" cake but "the" cake.

Knowing Shreaya and Pritesh, I thought that the cake should be "5 tier" not "3"(I can't quite explain why but in my head they're not 3 tier cake couple...if you know what I mean...) Since the very first time we discussed about the cake, I knew red roses were the one because it matched their wedding colour theme and also red roses, the symbol of love and passion, I thought that was a perfect choice for them. ;)

To match their Indian style reception, I decorated the cake with henna influenced piping work (I'm not sure if people actually noticed it, but attention to detail is important, right? ;) ).

The cake had alternate layers of red sponge flavoured with rose water and white sponge flavoured with vanilla, of which I was very pleased with the bake:)

So...all in all, my cake mission ended with a great success!

Oh and last but not least, massive thanks to Andy for helping me transport the cake safely to the venue and set it up.

And once more, congratulations to Shreaya and Pritesh.
Have a happy married life together :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to Chris

Haappy Biirthday to you ~, Haappy Biirthday to you ~, Haaappy Biiirthday dear Chris, Haappy Biirthday to you ~ :D

This post is specially for Chris, my mum-in-law, because it's her birthday today;)
Happy Birthday!!

I made her a little blue rose cake with the "happy birthday" icing ribbon wrapped around. The small three tire cake came out simple and pretty (just how I wanted!) with white dots and a baby blue rose. :)

We're going to see her this evening, which is a good news for me because I was thinking how I was going to send this cake by post... (I don't think the cake would have survived if I'd posted it...)

Well well well, I'm off to see her now. Hopefully she will like it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

2 tier rose cake

As much as I love making rustic looking cakes and breads with no delicate decorations, I do enjoy taking time and effort to make cakes look little bit more "proper" such as this two tier rose cake.

I'm making a tiered wedding cake (yes, it's going to be a luxurious 5 tire!) for our friends' wedding reception in a few weeks, so I've done a test bake before the big day. :)

Having finished all the work and taken photos, Andy and I decided to cut the cake to see how the coloured sponge would look like, and of course to have a piece or two...

However, we then realised that we didn't know how to cut a tiered wedding cake because we never cut a tiered cake at our wedding! So..., here we were... we had a bit of fun pretending it was our little cake cutting ceremony. It was indeed sort of....funny....:D

Tastewise, the cake was moist and sweet with that "addictive" butter cream and icing around it. I was very pleased with it, yum yum... ;)

All in all, the result of the test bake was SUCCESS!
Now I can't wait to make the actual 5 tire cake!