Sunday, November 20, 2011

Children in Need 2011

On Friday, Andy went to sell World of Sweets cupcakes at BBC to raise money for Children In Need. I made four different cupcakes, lemon & poppy seed, cherry & almond, chestnut & walnut, and rose & pistachio. They were all dressed up with pretty icing on top and line up nicely. :)

About a half way through of the day, I got an update from Andy... apparently the cupcakes were half gone! That did put a smile on my face. And not only that... by the end of the day, 64 cupcakes were all gone! Sold out! Yey, that really did make me happy. ;)

Thanks to everyone who bought my cake. All the sales were donated to Children In Need.

I'll share recipes for those cupcake soon:)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Super mini cupcake

I think it's time I shared this exciting news with everyone....We're expecting a new addition to the family..., it's a baby girl! Yes, it's a GIRL!

Andy bet on a boy, but my instinct was telling me it was a girl from the very early days.... and today we finally got to find out who has been right. So... I was right, it's a girl... a baby girl... mini me... I'm already extremely excited about sharing the kitchen with her. ;)

These cupcake are for Mr and me... and a mine one for a little person in my belly. I know it's a bit too early to bake a cake for her, but couldn't help it... I'll take care of the eating bit since I'm supposed to be eating for two, right?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1st Anniversary!

Hello everyone, it's been a while since my last post... it's not that I've been lazy to blog..., but there have been some exciting things happening with me and The World of Sweets, so I've been a bit all over the place...
Anyway, I will let you know what those news are very soon, but today I'm going to share with you the bits of the most fiery night of the year..., November 5th!

Yes, It's Bonfire Night! But not only that..., it's our wedding anniversary;) And yes of course...., celebration has to come with cake... not only one, nor two, nor three but four cake! I'm such a lucky girl to have excellent bakers around me:)

 Chris, my mum-in-law and an amazing baker, made us a rainbow cake coated with American icing (yum yum..) and colourful hearts. Seriously..., that was an art. Not only was it tasty but also nice to look at. ;D She also made cupcakes which were displayed with some sparklers, what a pretty idea for bonfire night:) Thanks to Chris for making my rainbow wedding cake come true;)

Andy's aunt, Carol brought us a plum and almond pie, which was also very nice. The combination of marzipan-like-taste almond filling, sour sweet plum, and crusty pastry was so good that I had it again on the following morning for breakfast... hummm, yum yum yum... Thank you, Carol;)

And..., this was my cake...
It's a... well..., let's call it a "dome cake". It's a dome shaped sponge cake filled with non-baked cheese cake and coated with more cream!! Because it was our anniversary I wanted to make a cake that looks little bit more special and also is full of MY favourite stuff such as cream cheese and sponge cake... (Oh, and of course I knew that Andy liked that cheesecake filling too!)  All in all, I was very please with the result;)

Finally, thanks very much to Steve for organising such an amazing night with lots of foods and fire works. It was awesome!

Oh and of course..., to my dear husband, Andy... Happy Anniversary! Thank you for being a part of my life and making me smile :D