Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Purple sweet potato bread

Since we fired up the oven for the pizza, I decided to have a go with baking my bread in the stone oven for the first time.

The bread I chose was Purple sweet potato bread, a variation of simple pain de campagne. I added purple sweet potato powder as I was mixing the dough, which coloured the dough nice baby pink;)

So, the verdict of baking in the stone oven is...
'Not too bad but needs work'...

Although the thermometer said it was around 280 ºc, I don't think the bottom heat wasn't high enough and also the heat circulation wasn't great. I think I need to learn how to build a better fire. :)

The bread still came out ok. The crust was thinner and softer than usual, which I would have liked to be tougher, but Lana prefers softer crust and she actually ate the whole thing! (She normally leaves the crust...)

I couldn't really taste the purple sweet potato but still the colour was pretty.

Pink + Pink♥︎ I made some salmon sandwich. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sourdough Pizza

The sun is shinning, it's nice and warm outside. That means one thing... Time to fire up our stone oven in the garden!

Last Saturday when I woke up I knew it was going to be a pizza-weather day so I made pizza dough with my strawberry yeast in the morning ready for the woodfired pizza evening;)

Starter 125g
Strong flour 230g
Semolina 20g
Milk 160g
Honey 10g
Salt 3g
Olive oil 2tsp

Using sourdough starter to make pizza dough takes more time, but since it's getting warmer the dough rises quicker and most importantly it tastes so good!

The good thing about making your own pizza is I can put as much cheese as I want (although it seems that however much cheese I put on pizza it's never enough...;D)

I thought I made too much dough for two big people and one little person, but we ended up eating them all! 
I was absolutely stuffed but it was just too good to be left...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Basic pancake

Every now and then, I have an urge to make pancakes...  
And today was one of those days. It was probably because one of my friends asked me for a pancake recipe...
So, I made pancakes for lunch. 

This is my recent favourite pancake recipe. 
Self raising flour 150g
Milk 150g
Egg 1
Honey 1-2 tbsp
All you need to do is mix everything together and cook on a low-medium heat pan. It's simple but tastes great;)
You can add some vegetable or fruit powder. 
I added carrot, spinach and purple potato before;)
As an alternative to the self raising flour, I often use rice flour and baking powder;)
Lana loves them too. ;D
It's got no sugar so I feel ok even when she eats two big pieces!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lana!

Last week we celebrated Lana's 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday, Lana! xxx

We were just back from three weeks holiday in Japan and still pretty jet lagged on her birthday, but I managed to make her birthday cake and Lana managed to get up to blow candles and have some cake;)

I made small sponge cake by using some tuna tins. They are perfect for making small cakes. Then, put a lot of strawberries and blueberries that Lana loves and also a generous amount of fresh cream. ;)

Lana fell asleep while I was making her cake... 
She looked very cosy and peaceful. ♥ 

Last year she tucked into the cake before birthday song or photos, but this year she waited and even sang happy birthday to herself too! 


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

アンパンマンぱん - Ann Pan-

Ann Pan, here we come again! I made these popular Japanese buns for Lana who loves Anpanman (he is a very famous kid's animation character that has been around since I was a kid!)

I've made them before using baker's yeast, but this time I used my strawberry yeast. I've use the same recipe as the Banana yeast melon pan for the dough, which was perfect for these sweet buns.

I drew Anpanman's face for Lana, but before she even looked at it her mouth opened and she bit into his face!

And there is Baikinman too!

I made some chestnut buns too;) 
Look! there is pretty of paste inside;D

... ♡...
The ingredients are:
Starter (Strawberry) 120g
Very strong Flour 250g
Milk 150g
Egg 1
Sugar 30g
Honey 1 tbsp
Oil 15g
Butter 35g
Salt 3g

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hinamatsuri. 雛祭り-2014-

Time flies.. and It's Hinamatsuri again!
I've posted about this Japanese girls' festival in the past, so I'm not going to talk about the details, but it's a day to celebrate and wish for the happiness and healthy growth of girls.

To celebrate Hinamatsuri I made a special Swiss roll for Lana (and me...) I've always thought that when Hinamatsuri comes, the spring begins. So I made what I want to call "Spring Swiss Roll". I drew flower petals and leaves...;)

The cake itself is my classic Swiss Roll but I used rice flour in stead of plain flour and there is whipped cream in the middle (I didn't add any sugar this time).

The colour and mini size looks quite Japanesey...

I put strawberries on top and...

A slice of this super light cake is a perfect little treat for a little person!
Lana absolutely love it;D xxx

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

♡ Pain de campagne ♡

'Heart' pain de campagne, this is what I made for Andy as a Valentine's gift. (I did make Valentine's dinner dessert as well.;D)

Half white and half wholemeal flour, made with my strawberry yeast. It's simple but certainly have that 'got-to-have-another-slice' feel to it...

Humm, broken heart? (Andy cut this...)

It's great toasted and buttered, of course;)

By the way, look at my new bread knife. 
It's super cute and very sharp!