Thursday, August 28, 2014

Banana Chiffon Cake - Sourdough -

Egg 4
Flour 50g
Sugar 80g
Sourdough starter 20g
Banana 1 (mashed)

I've been making lots of breads recently, but clearly not enough cakes. Last weekend I finally got a withdrawal syndrome, and had to do something about it...

So.., I made banana cake! :D

This is not one of those moist dense type ones (I like them too!), but it's rather light and super soft. I used my Sourdough Chiffon Cake recipe and added mashed banana before folding in the flour.

When I took the cake out of the oven, I had to put my nose on the cake... the smell was irresistible...
I love love love chiffon cake because it's so ridiculously light that after you had a big slice or two you  don't feel heavy. It's perfect for someone greedy like me who wants at least two slices when it comes to cake...
I had some with plenty of unsweetened cream. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wholemeal sourdough bagels

Bagels..., I love both eating and making them, but I've been thinking 'agh, I can't be bothered to do that extra step of boiling water and cooking the bagels in it before baking...'

Yes, I was lazy.

However, my hungry brain won against my lazy bum.

I made bagels. Not only did I do so, I made five different types..., I can be motivated, sometimes....

Wholemeal starter 125g
White strong flour 250g
Salt 4g
Water 145g
Oil 1tsp
Honey and water

If you're interested in more detailed recipe for this bread, please sign up to my mailing list. ;D

I used my strawberry wholemeal sourdough for this recipe. It has such a nice beer-like smell that even with a simplest plain bagel you can get the sweet moreish flavour.

As I was shaping I added different fillings to each one of them.
(Here is how I shape bagels.)

* Plain
*Cinnamon & raisin
*Rosemary & pink rock salt

My favourite was Cinnamon & Raisin. ;D What's your favourite?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Purple Sweet Potato Sourdough Bread

Do you know purple sweet potato?
Purple sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes with beautiful vivid colour. I've never seen them in the UK but they are quite popular in Japan, especially I see a lot of purple sweet potato desserts in Okinawa, south coast of Japan.

I've got a sachet of purple sweet potato powder in my cupboard, and tried using it with my sourdough bread.

Strong organic white flour 250g
Starter 125g
Purple sweet potato powder 5g
Milk 178g
Salt 4g

If you're interested in more detailed recipe for this bread, please sign up to my mailing list. ;D

Look at the crumb! What a pretty pink! That must put a big smile on your face when you cut into it, right? (It did to me anyway....) :D

Not like the sensational colour, I couldn't really taste the sweet potato..., but the texture was good. The nice bit of toughness and slight chewiness was there.

Interested in getting some sweet potato powder?

Here is a link (it's in Japanese) ; パイオニア企画 紫芋パウダー 20g×5袋, or if you would like information in English, message me.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sourdough Banana Pancake

Sourdough pancakes again, and this time it's Banana!

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, so... the recipe is here - Sourdough pancake -. I added half a banana just before cooking on a pan, and it worked perfect. ;)

Nice and soft, and naturally sweet.;)
Perfect energy boost breakfast too. ;D

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sugar topped sourdough baguette

This is a variation of basic baguette and it's probably a quite Japanese influenced one.

After scoring the dough, I put some slices of cold butter and sprinkle of sugar in the cuts.

When the bread goes into the oven, the butter melts into the breads, and an amazing smell comes out from the oven!

Keep the butter as cold as possible.

Long fermentation in the fridge (I did 48 hours) gives the dough a nice texture and air bubbles. The buttery crust and subtle sweetness from the sugar was so good that I didn't even put butter on or anything...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sourdough lemon cake

Sourdough for breads, yes, of course... 
but how about sourdough for cakes?
Yes! Totally possible and rather nice!

Flour 100g
Starter 60g
Egg 1
Sugar 30g
Butter (melted) 30g
Honey 1tbsp
Lemon 1

Because the natural yeast in the sourdough starter is used as the rising agent, making cakes with sourdough starter takes much longer time than without. It took me about 4 hours before I put my cake in the oven. Yes I know, it's bit long but don't rush, the key to success is 'patience'.

And when you see the nicely risen fluffy cake, you know it was worth for all that waiting time... ;D

I tried using as little sugar as possible with this recipe without making it a lemon tasting bread-like thing (it's still called 'cake' so got to have some level of sweetness, right?). If you like your cake to be sweeter, add a few more tablespoons of sugar. ;)

Hope you all enjoy 'something-a-bit-different' cake with sourdough. :-d

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sourdough Pancake - testing...

Lately I've been testing out recipes for pancakes made with sourdough.
Don't get me wrong!, I do like pancakes made with baking powder or soda (as I mentioned here...), but I love the more bread-like and chewy sourdough pancakes. Plus, that unique, savoury but very slightly sour-sweet taste is something that you can only get with sourdough pancakes. ;D

Ok, the recipe..., the honest truth is... I'm still working on it, but I thought I'll share my attempt because it went pretty well.

Starter 60g
Plain flour 60g
1 Egg yolk + Milk = 50g
Honey 1 tsp (optional)
1 Egg white

I separated the egg and used the egg white to help rise the pancakes as well as make them more airy. It worked. The pancakes were very light, probably a little too light for me.

Next time I'm going to beat the egg white less and try not to burn the bottom of the pancakes! (Why does a kid say 'toilet!' at the most awkward timing...?)

They still tasted good and were perfect for light sandwiches ;D